Department of Cellular Physiology

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We are always looking for talented and motivated people coming from different fields ranging from physics to chemistry and biology. Our research group comprises young group leaders, postdocs, PhD and Masters students from physics, chemical engineering and biochemistry. We are collaborating with the LMU Faculties of Physics and Chemistry and offer PhD and Masters projects for students in physics and chemistry.The projects include a broad variety of problems in biophysics, such as:

  • High-resolution single molecule studies of motor proteins using optical tweezers, single molecule fluorescence and force spectroscopy techniques.
  • Structural studies of motor proteins using electron microscopy and single molecule image processing techniques. 
  • High-resolution fluorescence imaging on cellular model systems. 
  • Other research area presented in the research section.

For further information please contact one of the senior group leaders:
Prof. Claudia Veigel ( and Dr. Christopher Batters (

For more information (PDF, 664 kB)

New masters project (PDF, 122 kB)