Department of Cellular Physiology

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In our lab we apply a various number of different biochemical, functional and microscopic techniques:


  • TIRF:     Total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy
  • STORM: Stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy
  • PALM:    Photo activated localization microscopy
  • FRET:    Förster resonance energy transfer
  • FRAP:    Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching
  • Single Molecule Fluorescence
  • Tryptophan fluorescence
  • SPA: Single particle analysis
  • SLiC:  Sequence and ligation independent cloning
  • Cell Transfection
  • Protein expression
  • Titration studies
  • Immunoblots
  • MST:   Microscale thermophoresis
  • SEC:   Size-exclusion chromatography
  • HPLC: High-performance liquid chromatography
  • SLS:  Static light scattering
  • DLS:  Dynamic light scattering
  • Optical Tweezer
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Functionality Assays
  • Inverted Motility Assay